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​The following books are the latest published by Dr. Khatamee and/or by the Foundation. They, alongside other publications by Dr. Khatamee, could be conveniently purchased through the online retailer Amazon or your local bookstore.



Whether an infertile woman ever conceives or not is often dependent on the doctor she chooses. This book provides resources and options for any couple struggling with infertility. Dr. Khatamee, a world-renowned infertility specialist, presents numerous case studies, discusses the most current tests available, what each entails and when testing should commence. The prevention of infertility and preservation of fertility are addressed, as well as information and resources about adoption.


Every couple deserves the best in fertility care. That’s the premise of the second edition of Dr. Khatamee's co-authored book DOCTOR, ARE YOU LISTENING? (A Couple’s Struggle to Find the Right Infertility Doctor). It follows Linda and her husband, Stuart, in their quest to become parents. For many years, they saw doctor after doctor who "claimed" to be infertility experts, but, sadly, were not.


Physicians in all areas of medicine must learn to listen to their patients. This is particularly so in treating infertility, where emotions often run high. Doctors must be held accountable for their actions. Only if you educate yourself as to what you can do to help your doctor to truly understand your problems, will the doctor be better able to treat you.

The book will help patients and their families recognize signs that a doctor may not be the expert he or she claims to be. The book tells how to find a board-certified infertility doctor near you; what to do to get the most out of your doctor's visit; what options and resources are available and state-of-the-art techniques that may lead to pregnancy - all proving that finding the right doctor is essential.

Available for Purchase through Amazon

Available for Purchase through Amazon

If you are experiencing difficulty in conceiving a child, you may feel frustrated and alone in your dilemma. However, one out of five North American couples also find themselves struggling with infertility and the complex, time-consuming, and expensive treatments to overcome it. In The Fertility Sourcebook, Sara Rosenthal gives you the hard facts, good advice, and reassurance you need. This revised and updated third edition offers the latest information on:


  • High-tech fertility treatments, costs, and coverage state by state

  • Laws and ethical issues surrounding fertility treatment, including cloning and stem-cell research

  • Environmental and "social" causes of infertility

  • Alternatives to childbearing such as surrogate mothers

  • Fertility for same-sex partners

Rosenthal also discusses lifestyle changes that can enhance fertility, fertility drugs and their risks, assisted reproductive technology, and dealing with pregnancy loss and repeated miscarriages. From planning conception and finding the right specialists to evaluating fertility treatment options, The Fertility Sourcebook will point you in the right direction.

Dr. Khatamee honored by American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)


ASRM Board of Directors and its Fund Development Committee have honored Dr. Masood Khatamee at the Annual Meeting in Boston (October 2013) and have endowed an ASRM Program in his honor “Infertility Prevention, Fertility Restoration and Preservation” for his pioneering work in the field for over 25 years. 


Please give with your heart and join us in honoring Dr. Masood Khatamee. We want to show him how much we appreciate what he has done to help so many. Together we will Write the Next Chapter in reproductive medicine. Who knows what wonders the future will hold!


For more information and to support the ASRM Program, please contact us via phone or e-mail.


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